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Invading Chapel is a Heavy, Gothic, Doom Metal project created in 1996 by Loïc Malassagne near Pau ( France ). That same year, a first demo “Invading Chapel” comes out and reveals the song “Dark Christ” on Guitar Part magazine compilation.
In 1999, another self-produced album “Songs Of The Night” comes out of the dark and will be the demo of the month into the Hard 'n' Heavy magazine (The song "Zombie Night” appears on the sampler cd) and gets available on various catalogues. After that, there will be three albums and obtain some good feedback from abroad such as these interviews and chronicles into magazines as The Mick (England), Elegy Iberica (Portugal) or Rock & Folk (France). After working with a band that will result two other albums and several concerts in France (many festivals, the first part of the American band The Crüxshadows and the Swedes The Dead And Living), the album  "Gloom Over This Hope" (12 Tracks) will be available through iTunes, amazon, emusic, Deezer… and CD album will be on sale through the Bandcamp site in 2014. The song "Midlife Crisis" appears on a digital compilation "Gothic Rock Around The World 6" through Sombrati Records and "Requiem" appears on CD sampler of the Russian magazine Bunker Magazine. December 2015 and april 2016 the songs "Nocturnal Romance", "Midnight Serpent" and "Vampirised" appear on compilation "Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 1, 2 and 3" from Russian label Darkpage.
In 2017 and 2018, there will also the songs “Injury And Sin” on the compilation Do What Thou Wilt Records (Greece) and "Paris Spleen" on At Sea Compilations (Germany).
September 2020, release of the album "Ghostly Rock Season" on Bandcamp. The track "Insanity" will be on the monthly playlist of German magazine Orkus! (with interview and review). 

From 2023 and 2024, he will release the singles in digital on the platforms and video clips of "The Sculptures Bleed", "Endymion", a new version of "Dark Christ" and "Signs From Beyond" which will appear on a future album in preparation.

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