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"This new single once again demonstrates Malassagne 's skills in mixing heavy and gothic, enveloping the listener in a dark atmosphere.

“Signs From Beyond” a proposal that invites us to explore the darkest feelings of our being in the silent world and in the search for spiritual refuge.

“ Signs From Beyond ” invites us on a sonic journey through darkness and spirituality. The dark and enveloping atmosphere, created by distorted guitars, slow rhythms and Malassagne's deep voice, transports us to a world of introspection and reflection, which is accompanied by choirs with a deep voice, which talks about signs from beyond and the warnings that must be heeded when these voices appear, while seeking refuge in God and the silent world.

Invading Chapel invites us to reflect on our own relationship with the spiritual and the importance of listening to the signs that surround us. His music, full of atmosphere, depth and messages, invites us on a journey that allows us to explore the darkest and most spiritual emotions of the human being."  Cultura Em Peso 

"Dive into the intense world of Invading Chapel as they unveil their latest track, "The Sculptures Bleed". The brainchild of Loïc Malassagne, Invading Chapel, hailing from France, is set to astound their fans once more with a heavy blend of Gothic and Doom Metal in this riveting new single.

This intoxicating track features Malassagne's command over a broad range of instruments, from vocals and bass to guitars and keyboards, with a special guest appearance from Jim D on the drums. Malassagne's one-man band versatility is a striking testament to his musical prowess and the spirit of self-production that Invading Chapel embodies.

"The Sculptures Bleed" is not just a title, but also an entrancing music video, providing a visual journey through the intense soundscape. The video is produced by the talented Cécile Delpoïo, providing a fitting backdrop to the haunting melody and potent lyrics.

Whether you're a fan of Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative or simply enjoy a deep dive into the realms of Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal, or Doom, "The Sculptures Bleed" is sure to captivate you."


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New article on Cultura Em Peso (Eng)
- Toxic Metal Zine (USA)

April/May 2024
- New single and video "Signs From Beyond" on YouTube

February/March 2024
- Article on Progressive Rock Journal (Eng)
- Invading Chapel on Metal Messiah Radio (Ger)
- Article on Terra Relicta (Eng)

- Article on Truenos Metalicos (Arg)
- New single, video and version of the song "Dark Christ"

January/February 2024
- Article on Toxic Metal Zine (USA)

November/December 2023
New single &
video clip for "Endymion"

August/September 2023
- Article on Front View Magazine (Belgium)

June/July 2023

- Article on Metal Devastation Radio (USA) 
- Article on Metal Hammer (Italy)
- Article and Interview in the webzine Breathing The Core 
- New single & video clip for
"The Sculptures Bleed" 

January/February 2022
- The song "Insanity" from the album
"Ghostly Rock Season" (2020) is on the compilation
of Bunker Magazine (Russia)

August/September 2022
-"Ghostly Rock Season" (released in 2020)
is finally available on all platforms


June/July 2022
- New video clip for "Zero Absolution" 
Article on Metal-Rules (Eng)

September/October 2021
-Interview with webzine Crimson Moon Zine (USA)

-New video clip for the song "Mina Harker"
Article on (Germany)

October/November 2020

- New video clip for "Forsaken Place"
Article on Terra Relicta (Eng)

September/October 2020
- Interview and review in Orkus! Magazine (Germany)

- The song "Insanity" in Orkus! Spotify Playlist

- New  video "Insanity"
Article on

- Review on
Ahasverus - Métaux en tous genres (France)

- Review on (Netherlands)

- New album "Ghostly Rock Season" available on Bandcamp

February 2019
The song "Injury and Sin" from next album appears on the
compilation "La Danse Macabre 5" of At Sea Compilations


Inc cover signs log tit1600.png

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